Monday, September 22, 2008

46.UniSA Friends

Hoho~~~ Today is my second time write English Blog~~~~
I want improve my english ( i set this target since many years ago)
But i never achieve the target because my english standard still stop at Primary School Level
I will sit for my Managing Communication Business (MCB = NO RUDE WORD HERE) for this semester, this subject need good writting skill and grammar ( i am poor leh)
But i am lazy to read English story book or Newspaper, it is quite hard and boring me~~
Stephenie and Jolene ( my UniSA classmates) are my dictionary, i will ask them whatever question i dono. They treat me so nice~~
Then i cannot forget my best friend Chin Yew, he is a hardworking guy because he always finish his tutorial work earlier than me. So, i will reference his works and "copy" it.
Beside that, he is very pro in accounting but i hate account ( damm + very very hate)
So CY can teach me to do assignment and whatever things about acccout....
Thank You so much CY, if you stop to "zha" or "gek" me...
You sure can be a perfect guy and friend... ( now you already very nice liao, but you still have the space to improve yourself.... muahahaha.....).
Jeremy is my housemate + coursemate, we know each other since end of february..
He really is a nice guy and like to help people, we always go to eat together, play pool together, sleep together , walau~~~~ so many thing together ,rfrf ( red face red face)
But now, Chin Yew always kipnack Jeremy to his house, dono what they doing there..
I am so worry about Jeremy safety and God Bless you~~~
Raymond??? WHO is this guy??? We give he a nickname " Devil"
Because he really so geng in play CS, basketball, all things about gaming and sports
But he is quite lazy in study, haha~~~ If not, he really is perfect d....( He always late, i hate this)
By the way, he really very handsome and rich, who want his hp number can get from me ($$$)



  1. kipnack?apa tu?
    kidnap har? =P
    good to write blog in english, soon will see ur improvement =)
    also, since stephanie and jolene are ur UniSa classmates, then u guys conversation is in english or chinese?
    speak more english, improve very fast one!

  2. Malu~~
    wrong jor~~
    haha~~~next time will improve ~~




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