Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Recently feel a bit emo~~~i think i prefer stay alone than go out with others~~
because i feel that very ma fan and wasting time~~~
BUT~~~ sometime hope i can have a lot of good friends beside me~~~
my mind really sob sob~~~~ hoho~~~~
I still in holiday mood because i am lazy to do my tutorial and do revision for that??
what happen to me??? can any1 tell me?? i think only i can find the answer for myself~~
actually quite hate accounting, but the real life tell me that acct is more valuable~~~
I also dono whether it is correct or not~~~
During today MA tutorial~~~ i really feel "uncomfortable" and all negative thinking~~~~
omg~~ how can i survive with the accounting stuffs in this 2 years???????
My "GF", I really got a bit miss you~~ u not here no 1 let me to zha oled~~~
then the panda also ........................ dono wat to say~~~ lifeless here~~~~
better fly to UniSA find u~~ but maybe i will more lifeless if i go there~~~~
no1 will know right??? what i do ?? what i am thinking now??? blur ing~~~
dono~~~ i wana getting crazy d~~~ sob sob~~~~



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