Tuesday, September 22, 2009

63.The story between eagle and peacock

I had been stopped write blog since july!
The reason was i felt nothing to write and nobody will read my blog!!!
I just read my best friend( Resuike) blog, he wrote a lot of things inside!
And .... made me have the feeling to write a blog here!!!
I remember that i had posted a status which write " when peacock meet a eagle, this is an ending without start"!!
After that, a lot of people comments about it and giving me funny suggestion and answers.
Last few days some of my friends asked me who is that eagle??? I just told them it just an idea or imagination things!! not my story!!!
HAHA~~~ bUT it really happen to me!
I admit that i had like an eagle before, but i dono whether it already be pass tense or still present in my heart now!!! AIAI~~ eagle !! really nice to know you but ............. no ending for me~~~
I really quite blur and stupid about this kind of relationship!!!!!
this semester i became more active and knew a lot of new friends!!!!
really a lot!!! got seniur and also juniors!!!!
2 of them miss E and miss S always asked me go aim for a target!!!
omg!!! need like that meh???haha~~~~
i just hope that i can enjoy my last semester in Malaysia and have sweet memory with all U!!!



  1. Meng I got read ur blog la, u free write write a bit, practise ur english also =D

  2. who say nobody read your blog...-0-
    am i a ghosT?

  3. good to know. ^^ do take care.

  4. haha~~yala yala~~
    thank you to my dear friends to read my blog~~~




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