Sunday, October 4, 2009

70.Adventure Run - 8KM!!!

Wake up at 5.20a.m!! Slept only 3hours!!!
Omg!! really damm tired and felt sleepy when waiting for the bus!!!
Arrived Taman Permaisuri around 6 +++ a.m
warm up and start at 7am++
I am C12 and need to run for 8km!! i never run so long distance before!!!
We needed to run 2 round in the taman, 4 km per round!!!
After 1st round i already felt tired like shit!!
I asking myself, why not i join 4km and i no need so tired!!
After that, i tell myself!! i want to know where is my limit !!!!
Whether i can finished it in time, so i just continue my long X 10000times journey!!
Actually in my mind, i hope that the sky adventure club members beside the road
can tell me still got how long to go!! but they just gave me the direction and keep quiet!
So, my brain start to be empty and tell myself run and run and run!!!!
Finally, they told me that still have 200meters!! i speed and finish my 8km run!!
Woohoo!!! i finished it and i am proud of myself!!! i achieve my target!!
FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! I am not the last one!!!! i am around 20+++ along 60+++ participants!
I think my position is like that, because we only knew 1st 3 results!!
Arrived Subang around 11.30p.m!! ate a lot!!!
Shui jiao Mee, 2 Half boiled kampung eggs, 1 set roti bakar, 2 fried dumbling + 1 drink!!
haha~~~ TODAY slept from 2.30p.m to 7p.m!!
wake up and some part of body felt pain!!
I think tomoro will me more pain!!!
I want keep fit leh!!! become fatter and fatter!!!haha~~
I want achieve my target at end of this year!!!woohooo~~~
Miss E and Miss S got sensor for Camera!!!!
Who took this photo for me?

Miss E damm ganas weh!!! Calvin u careful! Warm up

Looked like wana die after ran 8km!! Suet Yen appeared herself!

Dono why this pose came out in my mind
Group Photo for guys!!!

Kian Lex, this photo is for you!! who went for one camp should be know
what i mean!!!


1 comment:

  1. finally our meng zhai can run 8km already T.T~~~
    Aiya, I know u can run 8km one lah, i went gym with u one everyday, I saw u run 1-2 hours also can non-stop.




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