Thursday, October 1, 2009

67.October is Coming

Oh My God!!!!! October is coming!!
I really cannot believe time flied so fast!!!
I already become an old bird ===> semester 4 UniSA student!!!
Next february i will going to australia UniSA
Erm... sound like very nice!!! But..........
I didnt feel excited although i know i can go AUS for 1 year!!
just feel normal for me!!! but i just cant put behind somethings in Subang!!
I came to Subang SS15 since 27 June 2007, until now around 3 years +++
but my A level life really a bit suck!! everyday be "zhai nan" in my room!!
seldom went out with friends!!! Actually not much friends during that time. A bit cham!!
but i wont forgeT Ronald, XY , Shui and Johnson la!!! my x classmates!!!
After i come to Tbs, also meet a lot new friends!!!
i just... i just cant believe i only left 2 more months here!! omg!!!
Anyway, this month i have 3 assignments waiting for me!!
and.......i read FA3 questions n times and i still dont understand!!! i am shutupiak!!!
i hate accounting!!! i really dont know how to start to do all the things!!!
I spend 1 hour in library to read notes and the questions!! But i still blur blur deh!!!
GOD!!! save me!! but i know i must save myself!!! hehe~~
i Hope that australia uni life is fun for me!!
anyway!!! i hope my group mate know how to do FA3.
Then i no need worry too much about it!! wakaka~~


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