Monday, October 26, 2009

79.Petaling Street and X classmate

I had spent my whole weekend without did any revision!!
I am proud of myself!!
I had went to Petaling Street with Jeremy and Fish during Saturday!!!
My first time went to qi qiong gai!!!haha~~
I knew that i am a bit "shua gu" la!! But at least i went one time d!!
And i dont wish to go again because nothing so special there to attract me!!
Bought 300g "wo lai ye" rou gan, soya bean ais, ;li zi and don gua ais!! :P
We arrived subang around 9.30p.m and i went to 100 yen
I bought strawberry ice and 1 bottle of "wu long cha"
"WU LONG CHA" cost me rm5.90 but just like chinese tea!!
Wasted my $$$$ oni!!! sienzzz!!!!

Sunday, went to sunway pyramid met my secondary sch classmate!!
We went to Red Box Sing K and walked around sunway pyramid!!!
Really felt happy to meet her because long time never meet her!!!
Erm~~~ Next year going to aus and cant meet her for at least 1 year!!!
Recently i love to go mamak eat indo mee and roti canai!!!
Because i heard that 1 roti canai at Australia cost AUD4.00!!
SO i wish to eat as much roti canai i can!!! haha~~
Erm...i have addicted to play NBA 08-09( PSP gama)
woohoo~~ really nice game i wish to finish all the accomplishment!!!
NBA want start soon!! LAKER is the best!!!!
KOBE BRAYANT is the best!!!!!!!
I really hope Lakers can get Champion again during this season!!


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