Wednesday, November 4, 2009

85.Little Bally

I like to go Little Bally recently!!!
My FRIENDS asked me why i always go there??
I just enjoy sit there and listen the singers there sing!!
I love guitar but i cant play guitar well.
I had bought YAMAHA guitar last year!
BUT..... I wasted my money because didnt practise !!!!
Sorry daddy!! Forgive me!!hehe~~~ :P
Today play "dai di" and "UNO" with friends here!!
Today is not my day!!
Because i am the loser for all the games!!!!!!! SIENZ!!!!!!

Tommorow going back to Tatau!!!
I really hope that i can do my revision!!
If not..... I also dono what will happen!!!
Recently i became fatter because never control myself and keep eating!!!
Aiaiaiai~~~ My mum sure will complain me again!!!!

Study hard and play smart always a good motto for everyone!!
But i think i am 90% play hard, 10% study hard!!
Then my result will.......................
Why i need to study hard??
Why ........ and more and more!!!!!
I need to listen "shi xiang" to motivate myself!!! hehe~~


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